About us

I started Spent Goods after learning that food waste is a major contributor to climate change. For instance, if global food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd-largest emitter after USA and China.

Unfortunately food waste happens since it’s often cheaper to dispose of unused goods than to find alternative uses for them. And this organic waste accumulates in landfills, eventually releasing greenhouse gases that contribute to the climate crisis.

Although audacious, we know food waste can be reduced and even prevented.

Dihan Chandra, Managing Director

Spent Goods Inside is an ecosystem of food waste transformers that take discarded food by-products and incorporate them into something new.

For instance, to produce beer, breweries simply boil barley to release its sugars and then add yeast and hops. The leftover barley retains its high fiber and high protein but is largely sent to landfill. Spent Goods transforms this “spent” barley into new products like artisan sourdough pretzels, bagels, and pizza!

Similarly, leftover pulp from a juice company can be used to make cookies or even dog treats.

Our theory of change
Given climate change and the pandemic, consumers understand that things can’t continue as they were before.

We can no longer afford to use something once and then discard.

We need to change our mentality to refuse, reduce, and re-use wherever possible.

Everyday we come across innovative food waste transformers who are upcycling food in their neighbourhoods and ask them to join our movement by listing their products on this website.

We believe that having numerous food waste transformers on a single website empowers you, the consumer, to enjoy delicious foods while helping to reduce climate change.