Ontario Delivery Zone

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We deliver to residential and commercial addresses across Southern Ontario from Oshawa to Kitchener, Barrie to Niagara, and destinations between.

We deliver to residential and commercial addresses across Southern Ontario from Oshawa to Kitchener, Barrie to Niagara, and destinations between.

Residential Delivery options


  • Note = there will be a minimum of 3 days lead time (e.g., sourdough needs to leaven for 2 days, bakery capacity, coordinate logistics etc)
  • We deliver to specific areas on specific days
  • We will follow up within 24 hours after receiving an order if we need to change delivery/pickup date
  • Same day deliveryOur bread and baked goods are baked and delivered within 12 hours of cooling
  • Our frozen pizzas will arrive in a returnable to courier insulated bag
  • By default, we’ll ship with No Signature Required’ but inform us if SIGNATURE is Required due to potential parcel thefts.


  • We will send you real time tracking link with a 2-hour estimated arrival window to provided mobile phone number
  • For multi-story buildings like office towers and condominium buildings, our courier will bring the goods to the main floor.


  • Recommend freezing what you don’t think you be able to consume in next 2 days (despite your best efforts 🙂 as we don’t use any preservatives nor additives to artificially prolong shelf life.
  • Our products freeze well and have a frozen best before of 3 months. They defrost within hours.
  • Pizza cooks from Freezer-> Table in 22 mins!
  • Enjoy & share with a friend !!

Once properly defrosted and partially consumed, should I put the bread back in the freezer, fridge, or keep at room temperature?

Our baked goods will be baked upon on order and frozen within 24 hours window to seal in freshness.

Bread can be re-frozen but consider pre-slicing and freezing any excess and keeping what you plan to eat at room temperature like a bread box (not the fridge as it the high moisture environment actually encourages mold growth).

Once defrosted, consider consuming our product based on room temperature best before (listed on individual product pages) for optimal flavour experience.

Why am I paying taxes on some items and not on others?

Baked goods and frozen pizza are HST exempt according to the CRA.

Our checkout system will levy HST on all eligible products and/or services (e.g., shipping)

Privacy Policy

At Spent Goods Inside, we’re committed to protecting your privacy.
We do not share, trade or sell any customer information.
Your postal, e-mail address and phone number will never be used for any purpose other than your order.

By submitting your phone number, you are consenting to receive text messages from us. You can opt-out at any time by texting “STOP.” 

Return Policy

We want you to love your purchase! If you have concerns with any of our products, please contact us so we can work things out.

If looking for a wider selection including fresh, locally grown produce, cheese, meats, we encourage you to visit one of our online delivery partners.