Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery options

We currently deliver to specific areas within Ontario on given days as outlined here.

Don’t see an option to deliver to your postal code and/or have a Pickup location suggestion? Awesome!

How will my order arrive?

Our baked goods will be baked upon on order and frozen within 24 hours window to seal in freshness.

You will receive our goods in an insulated bag and unless specified, you can store our baked goods in your freezer and consume when ready. Best before frozen date will be labelled on the product itself.

You will receive tracking information ahead of time as to when to expect your order.

We assume its safe to leave the package at your door if no one is home.

Once properly defrosted and partially consumed, should I put the bread back in the freezer, fridge, or keep at room temperature?

Bread can be re-frozen but consider pre-slicing and freezing any excess and keeping what you plan to eat at room temperature like a bread box (not the fridge as it the high moisture environment actually encourages mold growth)