Margherita Pizza


Spent barley grains used to make beer -> Margherita pizza


DOUGH: 00 Wheat flour (Canadian), water, brewery barley grains, salt, olive oil, yeast.

TOPPINGS: Fresh plum tomatoes and juice, fior di latte (pasteurized milk, microbial enzyme, bacteria culture, calcium chloride), olive oil, basil, grana Padano, salt, naturally derived citric acid.

CONTAINS Wheat, Milk, Gluten.

REUSE: Please return the insulated grocery bag we use to ensure your frozen goods arrive safely – We’d love to reuse as long as its in good condition and reduce our mutual single use footprint.

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Now we’ve really gone and done it …

We’ve combined Beer and Pizza into this pizza classic

This thinner crust (Roma style) Margherita pizza is topped with fresh basil, San Marzano tomato sauce, and fior di latte (a blend of 3 cheeses).

Upcycled by the family behind Pizzeria Defina with spent grains from Halo Brewery

Pizza dough base incorporates 30% brewery barley grains already used to make beer!

By diverting these grains, you help reduce climate change, one slice at a time.

(Sorry kids, contains 0% alcohol)


Keep frozen until ready to enjoy.
Preheat oven to 375F.
Pull pizza from freezer and unwrap from all packaging
Bake from frozen on middle rack 20-22 minutes, until your kitchen smells delicious!