Only for Breadlovers Kit

(Ideal for 1-2 ppl)

Serving size: Based on our household, this kit contains approximately 2 weeks worth of frozen baked goods for an individual or 1 week worth for a family unit of 2. Check individual product(s) for potential allergens.
Feel free to adjust the quantities to suit your needs
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This kit will introduce to a range of our products that tastes great and makes your life a little easier.


  • Try 2 out of the 3 sourdoughs – the sesame/poppy seed has 85% wholegrain vs the white country is 35% wholegrains
  • The sesame/poppy seed puts the “sour” in sourdough vs experience the subtle sourness of the white country.


  • Weekend brunch won’t be the same without the pretzel bagels or the onion-garlic montreal bagels, paired with our jams.


  • Sliced multigrain that you won’t tire if consumed daily. Try different jams for variety


  • Planning to entertain ? The pretzel twists will be an instant party favourite especially when pairs with our Dill mustard.

Quick dinner with clean ingredients

  • Our  demi baguette and pizza will enable to serve freshly baked goodness from freezer to table in 20-25 mins – ideal when short on time and need something yummy that will hit the spot

If you have teenagers, consider our Hungry Teens bundle!