Multigrain Loaf


Spent barley grains used to make beer -> Multigrain Loaf


Organic bread flour, water, unbleached pastry flour, brewery barley grains, multigrain mix, extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, and yeast.

CONTAINS Wheat and Gluten.

Each slice is 5/8″ (1.6 cm)

Shelf life: 4 days in a bag at room temperature. Freeze up to 3 months.

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Our Multigrain Loaf is freshly baked every day with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

Favourite of kids and adults alike, made with 12 different whole grains (cracked wheat, brown flaxseed, corn meal, cracked pot barley, cracked rye, cracked tricicale, oat flakes, cracked brown rice, sesame, buckwheat, millet, and durum) slowly fermented over days to increase nutritional value, flavour, and digestibility.

  • 100% of our grains are sourced from Ontario and their integrity is maintained through our traditional stone milling technique.
  • 100% Plant based (no eggs, no dairy)
  • 100% Halal (we recover the barley before yeast is added that converts it into beer)
  • NO preservatives or additives

But our uniqueness comes from incorporating spent barley grains that have been used to make beer. By enjoying our spent goods, you are directly helping to reduce greenhouse gases.

We believe you can do something about climate change (and your health), one slice at a time.

Spent grain collaboration between Henderson Brewing, Belle's Bakery, and Spent Goods